Winter 2 CV 2023



We recently had the pleasure of welcoming participants to the Hivernales 2 CV 2023 organized by the Gévaudan-Aubrac-Margeride branch of the Club des Amis de la 2 CV.

These Hivernales were, in the opinion of all, a great success thanks to favorable weather which was able to combine relative clemency in the valley, while providing 500 meters higher on the Margeride the conditions expected for pleasure. expected from this "Lozerian adventure".

You will be able to convince yourself of this by watching the YouTube report produced by the Pot'Poète who did not hesitate to follow this beautiful outfit all day long.

We are delighted that the accommodation of the participants at the Chalets de la Margeride has been able to contribute to the success of this event, the success of which is such that all these enthusiasts have already set a date for the Hivernales 2024, with the hope that a night could , perhaps, add extra fun to that next date.

We really took pleasure in admiring these numerous "deudeuches" which are quite different depending on the model but with one important point in common with regard to their superb state of maintenance and their adapted equipment.

Congratulations to all these enthusiasts and…to the organizers!