The medieval site of Apcher

Listed as a Historic Monument, this medieval site is being restored.
From this former home of the Barons of Apcher, in particular, many battles left in search of the famous Beast of Gévaudan until that of June 1767 during which Jean CHASTEL, killed, in the Sogne d ' Auvers, a wolf of remarkable size.
This episode coinciding with the end of the murderous attacks made it possible to temporarily put an end to the History of the Beast of Gévaudan but the legend had already taken over to transmit it to us.
This site is a remarkable witness of local history, the excavations of which have yielded a real treasure consisting of approximately 9000 coins, dating from the 12th and 13th centuries.
A commented visit allows access to the top of the Watchtower to enjoy a superb 360-degree panorama of the Margeride.
A visit is essential.