Special Groups

Organizers, works council leaders (or simple participants in the activities of your CE), club managers, members of an association, simple family reunion project leaders or spokesperson for a group of friends, Chalets de la MARGERIDE offer a personalized approach for groups:
A single point of contact will be:
1 - listening to you to allow you to define your project
(for example: room rental, kitchen equipment included, or not, free management or not)

2 - at your disposal to help you finalize it:

- with all the parties concerned, according to your schedule;

- advise you on choices suited to your objectives, the season, etc.

- find out about local possibilities and offers related to your
project (visits, activities,…)

- calculate a "tailor-made" quote, with prices adapted to the number of participants.

The Chalets de la Margeride- CHASSAGNES
Tel: (33)
e-mail: info@chalets-margeride.com