The European Bison Reserve

About 1500 years ago the European bison lived in Margeride. Their disappearance from France began in the 1000's or so to migrate gradually to the forests of eastern Europe.
After World War I, the survival of the European bison species is dangerously threatened; there are only a few specimens from the Bialowieza forest in Poland from which the species will be saved.

The creation of this European Bison Park in Lozère was based on the will of Polish naturalists wishing to create a new pole of conservation of the species in Western Europe.
The advantage and the attraction of this bison reserve is to make known this prehistoric animal in the eyes of the general public through a surprising family activity.
The visit is done in a carriage.
The reserve also offers an animal museum with different rooms and audio-visual aids and a real prehistoric cave restored to discover the fascinating history of the European bison.
In winter, the visit of the European bison reserve of Sainte-Eulalie is done by horse drawn sleigh.
Every moment of the year has its share of discoveries: births, loves, fights of males ... You will be the privileged witnesses of these moments of wild life in the heart of the nature.