Treat yourself to a first visit to MARGERIDE

For a weekend in the heart of nature, make the choice you won't regret: treat yourself to a first visit to MARGERIDE.

Why "first"?

Because you will definitely come back ! Like almost all "first-time visitors" you will fall in love.

What is the best season?

There are not any ! All seasons are favorable because they are different.

It will therefore be to your advantage to ""come back"" for a new season and each time it will be a first because the seasons here are very marked and monopolize the landscapes, each in their own way.

This part of Lozère will charm you.

It is still today the least known of the department for having remained geographically landlocked until the A75 motorway came to open it to tourist discovery, thanks to a route by the ridges which offersbreathtaking and multiple panoramas. Exits every 10 to 15 km will make your visits easier and, icing on the cake, this motorway axis is completely free from Clermont-Ferrand to Béziers (except for the Millau Viaduct passage).

In the end, here is everything that makes its charm:

easy and close access because relatively central for our country,

a still pure and wild nature ,

a quality and diversified tourist and cultural heritage ,

many and varied outdoor activities ….

So if you want to come and discover a little more, here is what we offer for your next weekend in the heart of Margeride !

a visit to the Pearl of the valley, Le Malzieu en Gévaudan, a charming village (5 minutes by car) which has just won its place in the elite ranking of the Pus Beaux Villages de France

a visit to the European Bison Reserve in Sainte Eulalie (25 minutes by car). Remember to book your carriage ride

a short getaway to Nasbinals (by the way, don't miss the visit to its little jewel of Romanesque art) and come and discover the Aubrac that you will come back to "taste" on the occasion of an upcoming weekend in Printemps for the richness of its flora.

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