"Je suis là également pour vous accueillir!"

"Je suis là également pour vous accueillir!"

Your reservation is decided?

Welcome to the Chalets de la Margeride!

We are delighted for your interest in our region and our village.

The recent health crises have led us to change our organization towards maximum adaptation to respect for social distancing as much as necessary, especially when you arrive.

You will always be welcomed, but this WELCOME GUIDE is the new "tool" designed with all the practical information that we are pleased to bring to your attention, face to face, when you arrive.
It will thus make it possible to reduce physical contact to the strict minimum in the event of an imposed health necessity and if this is your choice.

Click on the link below, you will load this WELCOME GUIDE.


You will find there a lot of information for the preparation and the progress of your stay.
We even advise you to download it to your mobile phone in order to have permanent access, even in the absence of a network.

If, however, some of your questions are not answered in this document, do not hesitate to contact us by telephone or email, we will do our best to provide you with this answer.

You haven't booked yet?

Download our guide anyway, it probably contains the answers to the detailed questions that may still make you hesitate! This will save you time when you have booked.
It is, in any case, an important complement to the information that has already caught your attention on our site!
Thank you and see you soon !