Holidays after health crises

Paysage prairie  5

Paysage prairie 5

COVID overcomes "over-tourism"
The Covid has, at least, one merit:it has put an end to the saturation of certain world famous tourist sites and destinations.
Obviously, no one will complain about this halt to over-frequentation which endangered the sustainability of a large number of these major tourist sites!
Previous seasons have already clearly affirmed a strengthening of trends in favor of green tourism, for customers in search ofcalm , natural and authentic .
The summer of 2020 confirmed and accelerated these first trends and made it clear that the choice of holiday destinations would henceforth be marked by an environmental conscience .

The repeated health crises thus favored the emergence of these very clear choices.

New desires now favor the search for original places, towards new tourist territories , far from the mingling of the summer crowds which have become unbearable and even dangerous .
The desire to experience authentic holidays , to immerse yourself innew landscapes offering spaces and… time to, perhaps, nourish new roots .

At Chalets de la MARGERIDE you were already "beyond the change of scenery" which was, 22 years ago, our first slogan.
Today we go further since we offer you "the scenery" !
A neologism to invite you to "put down your suitcases" for a stay as you wish, that is to say of a slightly longer duration and more suited to a real vacation with the break you are looking for now .
Come and "rebuild roots" with this planet that we have, it is true, a little abused.
Let's not feel guilty but at least change our attitude and our proposal today is:
"With us change planet"

Our positioning in the center of the country makes us part of this local tourism which reduces the ecological footprint of your holidays .

The optimal accessibility offered by the A 75 motorway allows you to quickly reach the village and promote perfect organization on a daily basis for visiting numerous nearby sites.

The department of LOZERE, with the massifs of MARGERIDE and
AUBRAC as well as the very proximity of the CANTAL mountains, represents today one of the high places of active tourism . It is, from this point of view, an increasingly advantageous destination.
"Change planet then!"