The Wolves of Gevaudan

Lozère is made up of four large natural regions carved by the mineral, dressed in a totally preserved nature, shaped and animated by a very old human presence.

The Loups du Gévaudan park is located in Margeride at the foot of the Aubrac at more than 1000 meters above sea level.

The main interest of the Gévaudan Wolf Park, in addition to watching the wolves, is to seek to make known the animal as it really is: to erase or attenuate all the fears that have run over it in past centuries , rehabilitate it with visitors hoping that mentalities evolve and, finally, ensure that the wolf can live in total freedom in our country.

The park also has an enclosure of more than 15 hectares where more scientific studies take place there. A shelter allows to observe without disturbing our guests.

The media have an important role to play since the natural return of the wolf in France. If you are a journalist, we invite you to meet this animal to better understand our work.You will be able to approach and observe wolves in semi-freedom.