An exceptional natural and tourist environment.

The demand is growing for green tourism, for local tourism and the search for calm , nature and authenticity .

At the Chalets de la MARGERIDE , these needs were perfectly felt by the customers. The importance they attach to accessibility, hospitality and comfort , location and setting, but also to calm and the tourist environmenthave been taken into account…

The optimal accessibility afforded by the A 75 motorway makes it possible to quickly reach the village and promotes daily organization that is perfect for visiting the country.

The LOZERE department , with the MARGERIDE and AUBRAC mountains as well as the close proximity to the CANTAL mountains, is today recognized as one of the high places of active tourism . From this point of view, it is an increasingly sought-after destination.

This geographical location makes it possible, depending on the season, many outdoor sports activities, in individual or group practice, with the possibility of resorting to supervision by qualified professionals for discovery or initiation activities; for example: climbing, hiking, horse riding, canoeing, orientation, adventure trail, etc.

On a cultural level , many visits allow you to vary and enhance your stays.

It is not uncommon, in this small region, that history joins the fantastic to make legends like that of The Beast of GEVAUDAN whose traces have largely marked places and minds.

On the Way of Saint James you will come across many pilgrims on the "Via Podensis" which crosses our country to go from Puy, via Roncevaux, to Saint Jacques de Compostelle.

The Gallo-Roman period is rich in local vestiges which testify to a sustained activity from this time, and the excavations, which continue, in particular made it possible to update the capital of the Gabale people inJavols .

The mausoleum of Lanuéjols is of exceptional interest. Only one other example of this type of monument has been found to date in Saint Rémy de Provence.

The ceramics workshops signed by Banassac dispersed their production in all the provinces of the Roman Empire and some pieces can still be admired in various local museums but also contribute to the wealth of larger museums such as London or St Germain en Laye.

Granite is everywhere. It has become the basic material of all construction and has endowed the region with a particularly preserved built heritage, which it relates to both traditional housing and a rich religious or historical past.

Regarding the major road infrastructures and other works of art, you will probably not leave without having visited the famous VIADUC DE MILLAU (about 1 hour away) and its no less famous "ancestor", the VIADUC DE GARABIT(about 15 min from the village).
The pleasure of these walks will be usefully enriched by the visits, certainly a little more distant but at the same time so fun and educational, of MICROPOLIS and the Caves of ROQUEFORT in one direction or the VULCANIA park in the other.

It remains nonetheless certain that the natural heritage is still the most richly endowed with remarkable landscapes at each detour, a rare flora and aparticularly preserved rich fauna . The seasons, very marked, thus offer a permanent "animation" and a very generous Nature to introduce you to silvotherapy and forest baths.

Of Wildlife parks as the European Bison reserve 200 hectares of natural areas or the Park Wolves of Gevaudan, the Vulture Lookout also make a strong contribution to the attractiveness of our region.

If this reading confirms your interest in this region and this village do not hesitate to come and see us at different seasons.

Nature adapts and will make you discover its new landscapes each season.



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