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Convenient! Here is your WELCOME GUIDE to Chalets de la Margeride

We took advantage of these long periods of confinement to renew our WELCOME GUIDE.

Welcome to Chalets de la Margeride!

We are delighted for your interest in our region and our village.

Click on the link below, this is our WELCOME GUIDE.
You will find a lot of information there for the preparation and the progress of your stays.
We even recommend that you download it to your mobile phone. This will give you permanent access, even if you are temporarily deprived of access to your network.


If, however, some of your questions are not answered in this document, do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email, we will do our best to provide you with that answer.

Haven't booked yet?

Download our guide anyway, it probably contains the answers to the detailed questions that may make you still hesitate! This will save you time when you have booked.
It is, in any case, an important addition to the information that has already caught your attention on our site!
Thank you and see you soon !

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NEWS 01/15/2021: We will be happy to meet you

NEWS 01/15/2021

really are
looking forward to meeting you

We will finally have the pleasure of welcoming you again. We are preparing you an excellent stay. It will allow you to come and rest and relax, "change the air" and enjoy the large spaces offered by our beautiful region.

The low demographic density (17 inhabitants per km ²) will also facilitate your return to a little serenity, very necessary after this difficult period.

However, for your safety, the recommended health precautions will remain strictly observed.

Contacts with staff will remain limited to what is strictly necessary, ensuring that barrier gestures are maintained (masks, gloves, frequent hand washing, etc.). The telephone will, as far as possible, be used for these contacts.

These periods of confinement were used to review, with the clarification of the new health requirements, all our maintenance, cleaning and disinfection protocols in order to adapt them to new risks:

  • First of all we see regularlywith our suppliers the selection of cleaning products adapted to new requirements.
  • We have reviewed and adapted with our employees the cleaning and maintenance processes according to surfaces, materials, needs and uses.
  • We have also, in terms of linen, adapted a very strict protocol :
    • Elimination of textiles which could not be washed after each rotation or latency periods (72 hours) for materials not accessible to frequent or immediate washing.
    • For the rental of sheets, use of disposable bed linen only (in "blister") without neglecting the biodegradability requirements . Of course you can continue to provide your own bed linen.
    • For the rental of towels, washing is systematically carried out at 60 °.

In addition to disinfecting frequently used equipment (door and furniture handles, switches, remote control, valves, etc.), a latency period is applied whenever possible before the premises are re-let.

Finally, access to the swimming pool is primarily reserved for bathing, and frequentation of the beaches is reduced at the entrance (right beach when entering and at the exit (left beach) .

The dimensions of our pool allow us to easily meet the minimum space required per person (which is 4 m²) or 24 swimmers maximum, a density that is seldom reached or exceeded in our small structure.

The shelter must remain open in the presence of bathers.

The passage through the footbath is, of course, compulsory , only one person at a time, keep at least 3 meters apart .

Porte des Fées


We would like to tell you that 2021 will be better than 2020.
This should be the case if the positive effects of vaccination do not disappoint and are not delayed too long.
Of course, the vicissitudes of repeated health crises encourage us to remain cautious.
Yet we want to remain resolutely optimistic!
We are preparing to welcome you in the best conditions, while maintaining all the "health precautions", some of which will be continued.
These will be "positive vestiges" of the nasty virus. We will thus have drawn some "benefits" from this experience.
So let's be definitely positive.
From the various studies which follow one another it emerges above all that the desire to travel and to escape is even more present!
All countries combined 65% of people questioned are even more determined to go on vacation than in previous years.
So we will welcome you all with even more pleasure to definitely turn the page on the frustrations of the past year.
and may health be a faithful companion to you.

Photo caption:
La Porte des Fées is located very close to the village. This curiosity of Nature is, says the legend, recognized as a Door of Happiness for its visitors !!! You can pay him a pleasant visit.